Bubbleponics™........ 'what on earth is that ........??

........ to find out, let's go back to basics….....

cannaHydroponics, or soilless cultivation, for most plants, is a completely artificial environment.  It does, however, have the advantage that it enables the growing environment to be controlled fairly precisely.  In particular, it allows the key elements affecting a plant’s growth and performance potential to be matched to the needs of the plant at successive stages in it’s growth cycle.

Among a number of specific needs that a plant has is the need for oxygen at its roots.  Roots need oxygen as much as they need water.  Without an adequate supply of oxygen, a plant will drown!  Different types of hydroponic growing systems use a variety of methods of getting oxygen to the roots most of which involve partial exposure of the roots to the air at varying intervals.

Feeding oxygen and nutrient directly to the root system

Bubbleponics™ however, is the art of delivering highly oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the inner root zone.  This feature is a breakthrough in the provision and control of nutrient oxygen levels.  The days of merely misting the outer roots with nutrients spray are over.  Gone too are the days of over / under watering, over / under feeding.  The Dual Spectrum II Bubbleponics™ Complete Kit automatically maintains the ideal oxygen level of the nutrient solution so as to facilitate a healthy, thriving root system.  A durable air pump feeds air to the nutrient solution via a huge 4 inch bubble disk, infusing the solution with tiny life-giving bubbles, which are fed directly to the root zone.  This process is entirely automatic and shifts your success with hydroponics into overdrive.

lightThe performance of the system is enhanced by the provision of a DUAL SPECTRUM lighting system.  This is about giving plants the appropriate spectrum of light at the right time.  Both the human eye, and the pigments of plants appear to use the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which lies between violet and red or between 390 and 789 Angstroms i.e. the spectrum of light which is visible to us and is used by plants to start, stop and regulate various functions.

For example, the pale blue pigment phytochrome, which absorbs red light is responsible for starting both seed germination and flowering. The absorption of blue light controls such plant responses as leaf fall and the ripening of fruit.  Chlorophyll absorbs blue and red light.  A plant without chlorophyll cannot convert sunlight to energy


shsoldThe Dual Spectrum II Bubbleponics™ Complete Kit includes two lights, one for vegetative growth and one for flowering.  With extra lumens added to the red spectrum for generous and vivacious flowering, they produce a balanced level of illumination in a concentrated area with a complete light spectrum suitable for any type of plant in any phase of growth.  In addition, the timing of the lighting period is controlled to suit the plant’s growth or flowering phase.